Sunday, April 8, 2012

Vegas, Baby!!

Along with our trip to Alabama, we were home about 3 1/2 days before Jordan and I headed off to Vegas! We had been planning this trip FOREVER so I was soooo ready for it when the time finally came. My parents came to take care of Babykins and off we went for 4 glorious days.

The first day was SO hard being away from our kiddo but after we got into the swing of things of sleeping in, staying out late, and relaxing A LOT, it got a lot easier to get over lol (oops!)
It was so nice to be able to focus on each other for a few days.
I think the Hubby appreciated it most of all. I tend to be obsessed with our little one and give him LOTS of attention and I think Jordan misses the days when all that attention was directed at him haha! 

My stomach was not behaving most of the trip so I really can't talk much about great food or drinks we had however, we had saved our last night (Saturday) for the ultimate date night, non-Vegas style. We went out to dinner and I was soooo excited because my stomach was finally being good and we had one of the best meals of my LIFE!! No joke. Phil's Italian Steakhouse in the Treasure Island Hotel (where we stayed). This is like a best-kept secret that I'm now exploding. I was nervous when we walked in because it was completely empty! Granted we were there at like 5:30pm but still. We couldn't get a single reservation at N9NE regardless of the time so you get what I mean. BEST MEAL EVER!! I had a caprese salad and the petite filet with a baked potato. I'm not a steak girl by any means but wow. I'd eat that every day if I could. Topped off with an awesome glass of Pinot Grigio and this girl was a happy camper to say the least!

After that, we went to the Palms movie theatre and saw 21 Jump Street - HILARIOUS. Loved it! I was laughing out loud so freaking much! We finished the night at my favorite bar in all of Vegas that I'm not going to repeat because it's not overly well-known and that's one of the many reasons I love it :) Needless to say, we spent our last night in Vegas well. The rest of the time, we did a lot of lounging, people watching, and spent a lot of money at the craps table (we thought we were complete badasses for some reason).

This is what we look like after a few car bombs :)


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