Sunday, April 8, 2012

Fight Against ALS

A big part of our trip to Alabama was spending time with Jordan's grandfather who is suffering from ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease). Before his diagnosis, I really didn't know much about it. ALS is a disease where the motor neurons that control our muscle function die: slowly the individual is unable to move sections of their body. While their brain functions normally, they may not be able to speak any longer or help themselves around until eventually, they are completely paralyzed. This is VERY difficult for him and for our family as I can easily say that it is one of the worst diseases I've ever witnessed (and I've seen some pretty terrible ones). It's absolutely heart-breaking but we are SO happy we got to spend so much time with him and he got to spend so much time with his great-grandson :) We just absolutely love him to death and continually pray for a cure to help him.

If you're interested in finding out more about, I encourage you to research it or to read about it here ~ Jordan's grandpa, despite his limitations, is very involved in the ALS community to help find a cure; if not for him, for those after him fighting this same disease. 

If you're interested in the helping him support the cause to find a cure, it would mean so much to us to get people involved or to donate. Any amount helps. If you do donate or if this hits home for you, please contact me and let me know who you are so I can thank you. It would mean so much to us to know other people are out there helping fight this terrible disease. 

Please go here to donate:
Or here to help fight against ALS:


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